Rachael & Sean

Topsfield, massachusetts

Rachael and Sean's wedding day, like many days in 2023, was filled with unpredictable and torrential downpours of rain. With only 30 minutes until the ceremony was scheduled to begin, the sky decided to open up and unleash some of the most intense rainfall of the year. Staff members at the venue, as seen in this film, were outside using a squeegee to prevent the puddles of rain from flooding the tent. 

While this was incredibly stressful for the couple who desperately wanted to have their dream outdoor ceremony - I knew I wanted this film to showcase the serendipitous beauty of that rain-filled moment. Especially since so many of these shots wouldn't have happened without it. Most notable is the aerial drone shot that shows tiny cloud-like whisps of condensation hovering over the sun-kissed treetops.

I had all this great footage of the rainfall that only really made sense to use once I could pair it with some audio from the day. I spent a full day scrubbing through audio recordings from the different mics I had running during their wedding day until I found a quick comment that Joe, their wedding planner, from Contagious Events made to Rachael while she was stuck inside, filled with anxiety. Joe said, "It's going to clear up before the ceremony. I've been watching the radar. It will."

And boy, was he right.

I pulled that audio in and overlaid a sequence of my rain shots, which, in progression, show the story of how their outdoor ceremony almost didn't happen. 


Willowdale Estate


Contagious Events


Scarlet Roots 


To Make Beautiful


Flouer Specialty Events


Dan Maguire


Wilson Stevens Band



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