Believe it or not- I never envisioned myself being a wedding videographer. In 2013 a friend approached me about filming her wedding. She knew I had a love for creating short films and wondered if I might like the chance to try filming something different. Until that point I had never once considered filming a wedding. So I took her up on the opportunity and began researching what I was supposed to do. I will never forget sitting in my apartment watching endless wedding films on YouTube. The feeling of boredom overtook me as each and every wedding video I watched all felt exactly the same. Emotionless. Or perhaps it'd be more accurate to say that the emotions all felt cheap and fabricated. To the point where the couple could be replaced by any other couple and the film would likely feel the same. I vowed that I would never intentionally make a wedding film that felt like any other wedding film.

My approach during my first few weddings was in some ways quite simple; capture real moments as they happen and never fake anything. I didn't want to look like a wedding videographer to the couple or the guests but more-so like a photographer. The less people knew I was filming them meant I would get better content. I was lightweight. Always moving. Always watching not just the Bride and Groom but the other faces in the room. As if I were a videographer for The Office I had the mentality that there will always be someone reacting to something and those small seemingly insignificant reactions shots when edited together will make this film feel real. I remember other videographers would later tell me "Your camera movements are too shaky. Get a tripod." But the response I was getting from couples was quite the opposite.

I started to fall in love with filming weddings. And couples were raving over my work. To my surprise I became recognized as the Reader's Choice for wedding videographers in North Shore Magazines BONS after my first full-time year in the industry. Clients and viewers loved my high-energy, naturalistic, and emotionally dialed-in approach I took to both my filming style and my final edits. Something I began hearing all of the time from people online was "Wow... that didn't feel like a wedding film... it felt like I just watched the most epic party ever thrown and I wish I had been apart of it."

That's exactly what I aim to create. Wedding films that don't feel like wedding films. Videos that feel like FOMO inducing time capsules of the day you married your best friend. I believe every moment of life is worth capturing just as it is, without being staged or practiced. I chase all the laughs, tears, and wild dance moves fueled by own FOMO... knowing full well that this day will only ever happen once... and I've been hired to save as much of it as I possibly can. Knowing that in the end I will leave you with a film that will become one of your family most cherished keepsakes for the rest of your lives together.

That's what Some Fuzzy is all about. I'm not trying to create something different just for the sake of being unique. I'm trying to create something that feels unique because you are unique. Your love story is unique. All you needs is Some Fuzzy.

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