The best films are the ones
that make you feel something.

- meet the artist


My name is Andy Hansen and I am stoked to meet you!

So you came here to read a bit about me. If I was you I would do the same thing. But honestly I really, really struggle with actually writing about me. Because I’d so much rather put the focus on you and just listen… hear your story… hear why you are so passionate about your partner or your brand… ask all the fun questions and learn as much as I can about you.

Ultimately, you’re not going to learn too much About Andy from just this page.

So instead of staring at this screen let’s grab a drink and you can ask me anything and everything you’d like. That whole “It’s business. Not personal.” thing really isn’t my vibe. If you are going to trust me to tell your story then let’s at least start by simply swapping stories with one another. Then we can chat business.

Nuff said?

But if you insist… here are my current obsessions:

  1. My family. My wife’s name is Kaethe and we have an adorable new baby named Elaina. We also have two cats, Rey and Luna.
  2. Star Wars. Ever since I saw them in 97′ when they were released in theaters. I’ve been a 7 year old ever since.
  3. Parks and Rec. I mean I love the office like everyone else… but this show just gets my comedic taste like no other show does.
  4. Traveling. Can’t wait for COVID to be GONE to do this again.
  5. Burritos. nuff said.
  6. Video Games. Stardew Valley? I’m here for it.
  7. Filmmaking. I know shocker right? But seriously, I feel like a kid when I get to just grab a camera and capture the world.

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