My name is Andy
          Hansen, and I am a wedding videographer who doesn't           like "wedding videos."

My name is Andy Hansen,
          and I am a wedding videographer who      doesn't like 
       "wedding videos."

Believe it or not, I never envisioned myself as a wedding videographer. 

I also avoided looking like a traditional wedding videographer to the couple or the guests. I kept my gear small and simple, and I often looked more like a photographer to most people. I didn’t draw attention to myself with giant cameras or lights. I believed that I would get better, more natural content when people weren’t completely aware they were being filmed. As if I were a videographer for "The Office," I had the mentality that there would always be someone reacting to something, and those seemingly insignificant reaction shots, when edited together, would make this film feel real.

I started to fall in love with filming weddings. And couples were raving over my work. To my surprise, I became recognized as the Reader's Choice for wedding videographers in North Shore Magazine's BONS after my first full-time year in the industry. Clients and viewers loved my high-energy, personalized, and emotionally dialed-in approach. Something I began hearing all the time from people online was, "Wow, that didn't feel like a wedding film. That was really good."

In 2016, I went full-time as a wedding videographer under the name "Films by Andy". But as time went on, I realized I needed a name that more accurately captured who I was and what I made. So in 2019, I rebranded to "Some Fuzzy", an emotive media company for creative couples and romantic brands. It was a recognition that what I had been building towards all these years wasn't simply "The Anti-Wedding Filmmaker," but was instead being a filmmaker for people who wanted something creative and different but still rooted in authentic, warm, fuzzy emotions.

At Some Fuzzy, we bring feelings into focus.

Goosebumps, guaranteed.

My approach during my first few weddings was, in some ways, quite simple: capture real moments as they happen and never fake anything.

In 2013, a friend from college approached me about filming her wedding. She knew I had a love for creating short films, and she wondered if I might like the chance to try filming something different, namely her wedding. Until that point, I had never once considered filming weddings. But I was intrigued, so I took her up on the opportunity and began researching what I was supposed to do. I will never forget sitting in my apartment and watching endless wedding films on YouTube. Feelings of boredom overtook me as each and every wedding video I watched felt exactly the same. They were slow, cookie-cut, and cheesy. Having no interest in creating wedding films like the ones I was seeing, I decided to figure it all out for myself.

About Andy


My wife’s name is Kaethe and we have a two year old Daughter named Elaina. These two ladies are my everything. We also have two sweet little cats named Rey and Luna.

Star Wars

I've been absolutely obsessed with these movies ever since I saw them in 97′ when they were re-released in theaters. At the time I was seven years old and I still feel that young and wonderstruck whenever I watch them again. I owe so much of my love for filmmaking from these movies.

Parks and

I mean I love the office like everyone else… but this show just gets my comedic taste like no other show does. Other recent (and not so recent) TV obsessions in no particular order: Community, Severance, After Party, Mythic Quest, Arrested Development.



nuff said.

Sadly I'm not someone who grew up playing golf. I actually only started playing golf in 2017 but I fell in love instantly. I'm very much still learning but I love, love, love playing golf. Hit me up if you ever want to play!

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